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Contributing to the Splink Blog

Thanks for considering making a contribution to the Splink Blog! We are keen to use this blog as a forum all things data linking and Splink!

This blog, and the docs as a whole, are built using the fantastic MkDocs material, to understand more about how the blog works under the hood checkout out the MkDocs material blog documentation.

For more general guidance for contributing to Splink, check out our Contributor Guide.

Adding a blog post

The easiest way to get started with a blog post is to make a copy of one of the pre-existing blog posts and make edits from there. There is a metadata in the section at the top of each post which should be updated with the post date, authors and the category of the post (this is a tag system to make posts easier to find).

Blog posts are ordered by date, so change the name of your post markdown file to be a recent date (YYYY-MM-DD format) to make sure it appears at the top of the blog.


In this blog we want to make content as easily digestible as possible. We encourage breaking up and big blocks of text into sections and using visuals/emojis/gifs to bring your post to life!

Adding a new author to the blogs

If you are a new author, you will need to add yourself to the .authors.yml file.

Testing your changes

Once you have made a first draft, check out how the deployed blog will look by building the docs locally.