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Examples index


This page provides a series of examples to help you get started with splink. You can find the underlying notebooks at the splink_demos repo.

You can try these demos live in your web browser using the following link:


DuckDB examples

Entity type: Persons

Deduplicating 50,000 records of realistic data based on historical persons

Using the link_only setting to link, but not dedupe, two datasets

Real time record linkage

Accuracy analysis and ROC charts using a ground truth (cluster) column

Estimating m probabilities from pairwise labels

Deduplicating the febrl3 dataset. Note this dataset comes from febrl, as referenced in A.2 here and replicated here.

Linking the febrl4 datasets. As above, these datasets are from febrl, replicated here.

Entity type: Financial transactions

Linking financial transactions

PySpark examples

Deduplication of a small dataset using Pyspark. Entity type is persons.